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Have started posting stuff onto Instagram as well now.  If you’re on that particular platform why not follow me there?


Metal Earth Models

When I was in Florida in December 16 I picked up 3 of the Metal Earth Star Wars “kits” from the Disney outlet store (the one on Vineland Avenue if anyone knows it).  They were reduced down to $4.99 but reduced further at the till to $2.99 (plus tax of course).  Never built one before but at that price I was willing to take a punt on them.

They are a nightmare! Continue reading Metal Earth Models


Starting a new build and Mad Max-ing up an old car kit for part of a Group Build on the SFM:uk website.  You can check out the details and the entries here:

So here is the new Vlog.

Tried to improve the quality of the video each time, so this was shot with an external microphone and with some additional lighting. Also moved myself so I haven’t got my back to the window and can get extra light in that way. Feedback on the videos very welcome as still on a massive learning curve for these.

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