Starboost Mk 39-Part 1

Wasn’t intending to do this as my next build but just kind of happened. So this is a kick off post. Having completed the War Machine and Mk VII with lighting (must get some final pictures of these 2 builds) I’m committed to doing them all with LEDs.  So first part of the process was to figure out what needs to be lit up.  There is the chest piece obviously, which for this one is the triangular version, and the booster pack which is the prominent feature of Starboost. Continue reading Starboost Mk 39-Part 1

Rick Dias

I recently discovered a whole load of old pictures on my hard drive, which I had previously thought had disappeared into the electronic ether, and thought I’d add a few to my blog.

First up (for no particular reason at all) is a Master Grade Rick Dias, 1:100 scale, that I built as my first and so far only commission work.  I had pretty much free rein over the colour and design and produced some custom decals using the companies logo, including their web address and bar code. Continue reading Rick Dias

1:2500 Galaxy Class-Completed

This build was a struggle, not from the build itself which was dead easy but the decals.  Was not impressed with these as they broke up far to easily and were extremely brittle.  I eventually found that soaking them in warm water for plenty of time helped a bit.  But finally got it all done.

To get it to sit right I had to glue in the support rod, otherwise it just kept tipping forwards.

Onto the next build!

Enterprise D
Enterprise D

Continue reading 1:2500 Galaxy Class-Completed

1:2500 Galaxy Class-Part 5

Apologies for the slowness of progress, I’ve hurt my back and been immobile for pretty much most of the last 2 weeks. Now starting to get some movement back and I did a little bit on my build.

Decals are pretty much done with the exception of the name and registry ones. I don’t usually name my 1:2500 scale ships after the hero ships, instead choosing something more obscure and trying to pick something that was never known to be destroyed.  But as this is being built of a competition to mark the 20th anniversary of the last episode of the Next Generation (23rd May 1994) I better stick with Enterprise D. Continue reading 1:2500 Galaxy Class-Part 5