Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build-Nacelle Spinners Test

So picked up on eBay a couple of little kits which are designed to give various options for 8 LEDs.  Have played around with them and there are some options within them that look to b great for the spinning lights in the nacelles.

This is the sequence I’m likely to use and I’ve tweaked up the speed to make it quite fast.

Conveniently the circuit board fits neatly just behind the bussard collector.  Just need to sort out the light blocking now.

The Avengers have Assembled

So here are some final pictures of my builds of the 4 Dragon figures.  Very happy with how they turned out.  Didn’t score in the competition I entered them for, but hey what do they know!!!

The Avengers
The Avengers

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Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build Part 4

Having got the Paragrafix photoetch set through I thought I’d make a start on that and see what modifications might be needed to incorporate it into the build.  Apologies for being rather haphazard so far with this build and not really focusing on any one element.  Need to bring that back into check and get a plan of action together.  Anyway, in the meantime I cut out the etch for the hanger area.  Went together really nicely and fits really well.


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