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The Avengers have Assembled

So here are some final pictures of my builds of the 4 Dragon figures.  Very happy with how they turned out.  Didn’t score in the competition I entered them for, but hey what do they know!!!

The Avengers
The Avengers

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The Avengers

Well I’m going to call this complete just for the time being, as bit burnt out on these and want to move onto something else for now.  The figures I’m happy with on the whole but the base could do with some more work to busy up the ground area.

Iron Man is wired in and there is a blue LED under Thor’s hammer.  I have left the clear parts unpainted to better show the lighting, but it might need a little bit of blue just to show it up better.

The back wall was done with wallpaper meant for dollhouses (it is 1:12 scale rather than 1:9 but looks close enough) and the posters were downloaded and printed out.  Went for some rival Marvel productions as well as some Stark posters.  Was going for an alleyway look, which could do with some graffiti perhaps and maybe some drainpipes for the wall.  The ground is currently bare and in time could do with some rubbish, detritus etc.

But for now it’s going to remain as it is. And I will come back to it at a later date.

Better pictures coming soon but for now here is a quick phone snap.

The Avengers
The Avengers

Dragon Hulk Part 2

Well this certainly turned out to be one of the easier builds I’ve done for a while and his nice chunky size makes him a really nice piece on the shelf.  Not quite finished yet but pretty close.

So Hulk first got a coat of a dark olive green on his body, which I did to try and match up to the movie a bit.  This was followed by a dark wash in the recesses.  While this dried off I gave his trousers a coat of purple which had been darkened up a bit.

The next day I started drybrushing him to bring out all the detail.  The trousers got a heavy drybrush with the original purple (ie the undarkened one) and then a light brush with a lightened version of the same purple.  His body and legs had a similar treatment with the original olive green and then a lightened version of it for the high points.

The mouth was painted up with red and the teeth picked out in white.  The whole thing was knocked back with some washes.  Might add a little more wash inside the mouth yet.  Hair is straight black, and might add the lightest drybrush with an extremely dark brown.  I’m rubbish at eyes and haven’t quite got them right yet.  Basically did the whites and then added some black (as his eyes are really small and dark).  But his right eye just isn’t right yet.  So will work on that a little bit more.

So here are some pictures.  Taken at night so quality isn’t that good.

Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash

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Dragon Hulk Part 1

Had a short hiatus on the Iron Man kit (small update on that so have added it to the last page rather than starting a new one) while I get some new solder to finish off the lighting aspects, so decided to have a quick assembly on the third of the kits which are going to form this scene which is Hulk.

There are only 5 parts (head, torso, trousers and 2 legs) so assembly is pretty simple.  Just needed to heat up the parts in a little warm water to get them to pop together.


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