1:96 Saturn V-Part 9

The SLA is a tricky bit because of the huge amount of photo etch and trying to get the four pieces which form the “petals” to line up.  These would be the break lines when it opened to reveal the Lunar Exploration Module.  Finally got there although there are still a few gaps around the photo etch where they didn’t get quite enough glue underneath them.  This is a bit tricky to get quite right because you don’t want too much glue otherwise it will ooze out and need cleaning up and too little means a bit of a gap.


The bottom section of this piece is actually the instrument unit (IU) which should really be a separate piece.  I am leaving it attached (for the moment) so that the stack can be completed.

As you may have read previously I am writing an article for a magazine based on this build and unfortunately due to changes in the publishing schedule I have lost 2 weeks of my build time.  This means a change of plans for the article and I am going to complete the model as a full stack, at least initially.  Once the article is complete I am going to revert to Plan A and go with the model on it’s side and in separate sections.  Unfortunately I just don’t have the time available to complete it this way for the article though.  Which is a great shame but it does make this a build of two parts.  So I will be continuing onwards even after Plan B is complete.

SM Rocket
SM Rocket

Working my way ever upwards we come next to the Service Module (SM).  Unfortunately pretty much everything here is wrong.  The model is based on the Block 1 version, which never actually flew and following the tragedy of Apollo 1 it was completely redesigned into the Block 2 version.  So all the detail will need to be sanded away and more photo etch (I am really starting to dislike that stuff) will be added to replace the detailing with the correct details.

The nozzle on the SM is also wrong and it doesn’t have those rings, so they will need to be sanded off as well.

Wish someone would come up with a way of moulding nozzles in one piece so there isn’t a seam all the way round them, but particularly around the inside where you can’t really sand it clean.


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