More lighting!!! This time in the cockpit.

The photo etch set includes a large piece for the back and side walls of the cockpit.  I mucked up the decals when I went to apply them but fortunately I’d taken a scan of them before and could reprint a set.  Once I’d done that they went on smoothly the second try.

Cockpit Photo Etch

Behind the wall I built up a tunnel using the original back wall piece in order to enclose the light sources.  I used 3 LEDs to provide an even light source.  Even then the panels on the sides were hard to light up as there is only a very small gap between them and the outer wall of the tunnel.


End result isn’t too bad though and some colours were applied to the rear section of the back wall using Tamiya clear acrylics.


I did add a few fiber optics to the back wall which were linked up to a flashing LED but the main lighting source pretty much washes them out and they are hard to make out.

The much harder piece was the console area, which I wanted lit.  The only way I could devise was to drill out some parts and run some fine fiber optics down the upright and under the floor into the area behind the wall.  That way they could pick up the light from there.  Unfortunately although I tested and retested, when the final gluing down was done it must have crimped some of the tiny fiber optics and I broke some of them.  So I now have less lighting than was planned.


2 thoughts on “FINE MOLDS MILLENNIUM FALCON Part 5-Cockpit”

  1. This is great so far I’m really enjoying the post as I’m working on my falcon that’s taking me 9 years to complete. Haha anyway that’s a different story. With the engine lighting. I’m wondering about the part where there is a section for a screw that joins the upper and lower hull together. Did you cut that out to fit the light box? Also did you know about the shapeway parts for the engine grills. I’m just wondering if you did and the reason you decided to create your own. They look great btw looking forward to seeing this lit up. Love the idea about putting the power through the landing gear. The springy thing you use for piping is a great idea. I went for a guitar string. Looking forward to the next post.

    1. Hey there! Yeah, it’s a long built this one! Hoping to get back to it again soon as it’s sat for too long now. The part which joins the upper and lower hulls was cut off to fit in the light box for the engines. It shouldn’t be an issue as there are plenty of other connection points between the 2. I did know about the Shapeways parts (the ones by 308Bits are excellent) but they would work out much more expensive than making my own copies. Dropping into replacement parts is a deep, and expensive, rabbit hole! And I will be updating but a word of caution about running power up the landing gear….I’ve had a failure on one of the wires and it is impossible to fix. So I’ve got to change tack and do it a different way.

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