Delta Quadrant Star Trek 1:2500 Bonaventure Class

Just picked up the 1:2500 scale Bonaventure Class ship from Delta Quadrant and wanted to post some pictures and review on it, so here it is.

The Bonaventure is probably best placed in the pre-original series period.  Some time between the NX-01 and the NCC-1701 series and features a very unusual hybrid of the saucer and secondary hull.  Almost like someone has driven it through by accident. It appears that there are shuttle bays on the sides of the saucer and the deflector is in the front.  This makes for a streamlined ship which is very pleasing to look at.

I believe the original is 3D printed from computer files rather than being a freehand sculpt or kitbash.

Casting is first class with basically no flash and just a few pouring stubs.  The very small deflector is the only piece what will require careful clean up and a centre piece will need to be found for it.

Top Side
Top Side

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1:2500 Jenghiz Class Destroyer Part 1

Another Star Trek model in 1:2500 off the production line and this is a pretty simple kitbash of the refit Enterprise kit released by ERTL many moons ago and now re-released by Round 2.  The design I’ve claimed this to be is the Jenghiz Class Destroyer and appears in the Jackill’s Star Fleet Reference Manual, Ships of the Fleet Volume 1.  It’s actually more like a refit Paladin class as there is no rear facing torpedo launcher, but I just like the designation Jenghiz better.

The model was created by taking the matching outsides from the port and starboard nacelles and putting them together to form a symmetrical nacelle.  The neck from the saucer was then cut off where it joins the secondary hull and, after a very small amount of clean-up was glued onto the completed nacelle.  And that’s really it.

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