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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 6 (Updated)

Well this seems to be the build that feels like I’m never going to get done as there always seems to be things I forgotten about.  More on that below.

Anyway, finally got around to getting the top half of Iron Man painted and spent a little time painting in the silver and gold parts.  If you’ve seen previous posts you may recall that I didn’t really like the gold colour that I used, so I’ve overpainted it with a different one which is less brassy.  Tones it down a bit.

Iron Man
Iron Man

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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 5 (Updated)

I’ve been rather lapse in not updating my build of the Dragon Iron Man kit and that’s basically because I haven’t done anything on it for a little while.  So thought that as time was moving on so rapidly (and with 2 more unstarted Avengers to complete my scene) I really should get back to this build.

So have actually gone backwards a bit and stripped off some of the parts from the top half as I now want to get the bottom half primed and painted.  So the final leg has been done and the cable run through the bottom of the shoe.  I had hoped to run it down a hollow tube instead of the solid one provided in the kit but I couldn’t find anything in my stock materials box which would work.  So rather than delay further I’m going with it separate and will hide it with some debris in the final scene.

I’m a little worried that some of the panel lines aren’t very good and will need filing in but will get some primer on and decide then.

So next step is to get that primer on, then some silver and then the top layer of candy red.  Will then pick out the details of the silver and gold parts afterwards.

Iron Man
Iron Man

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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 3

Some more progress. Both legs are now assembled, although some of the smaller panels have been left off to help with the painting process. A wire was run down one leg to bring power upto the chest area where I will bring all the LED terminals together, as there is a decent amount of space there.

Left arm is finished as well, again with a wire running up (this was the bit I forgot to plan ahead for) and the hand has been opened up to accommodate the LED. This was actually a bit easier than I was anticipating. There is some light leakage from around the hand but will deal with that by applying some silver paint, probably with a black under layer to block all the light. The other hand has also been sorted out and will start the assembly of that next.

So all lighting is now either in place or all worked out and should be relatively simple to complete.

Then just need to clean up a few seams and start painting…

Now with legs
Now with legs

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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 2

Little bit of progress last night which took me much longer than it should have done because I didn’t plan ahead.  But I have decided to do lighting (it was too good an opportunity to miss) and have installed a 3mm LED behind the chest plate.  Here is a quick picture (sorry rubbish quality as it was snapped one handed with my phone as I was holding the terminals to the battery with the other hand).

Let there be light
Let there be light

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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 1

I picked up some of the new Dragon kits from the Avengers Assemble movie just recently and was keen to have a go at them, particularly the Iron Man kit.  There is an excellent review on the SFM:uk website for these kits so I wont repeat what is said there.

I’ve always liked Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr’s version is great (in my opinion anyway), so this adds to my enthusiasm for the kit.  So got stuck in last night.  Initial thoughts are good, although the fit of some parts takes a bit of experimenting and the diagrams in the instructions are a bit vague.  The sprue attachment points aren’t as creative as Bandai, which always hide them somewhere and there is cleanup needed for each part to get rid of the cut marks.  The second thing is that the ARC reactor is moulded in solid plastic, which will make lighting tricky if you want to go that route.  The hands are quite small as well which will make inserting lighting for the palms difficult.  Not impossible but certainly makes it a little harder.  Would need to light the eyes as well of course.  Not sure if I will go down that route now having looked at the parts and what will be needed, although had initially planned to put lights in.  Will have to see and have a bit more of a play with the parts to see if it’s worthwhile.

Underneath the torso is a skeleton which you attach the suit parts to.  This is a pretty good way of building the figure up and making it a bit easier to handle.  The suit parts then attach on top of this.  Here’s where I got to in about 30 minutes.

The lower parts are attached and glued into place but the upper parts are still loose, so I can go back and incorporate lighting into the chest if I do decide to do that.


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