1:2500 Excelsior Class

Been working on this resin Excelsior class ship on and off and it’s nearly done now.

The USS Repulse was the only established operational Excelsior-class vessel still sporting a four digit registry number in the 24th century, suggesting she was a close contemporary of the 23rd century original USS Excelsior and thus one of the oldest vessels of the class still in service.

The USS Repulse (NCC-2544) was an Excelsior-class Federation starship that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century. This ship was commanded by Captain Taggert in the 2360s. Medical officer Katherine Pulaski served aboard this vessel before she was transported by shuttlecraft D’Alison (Repulse shuttlecraft 10) to her new assignment, the USS Enterprise-D, in 2365.  In casualty lists received by Deep Space 9 around 2375, the Repulse filed reports of many officers being missing, wounded or killed as part of an operation with the Ninth Fleet during the Dominion War.  Continue reading 1:2500 Excelsior Class

1:2500 Zimmer Class Frigate Part 1-Update

I was given this little kitbash by a friend and so I can’t claim to have come up with the design itself.  It is a cut down saucer from the 1:2500 set coupled with nacelles from the Constellation class kit which was released by Futura (quite cheap at one point but pricey now).  So a simple little build essentially and one that had sat in Mark’s stash for quite some time.

New Class
New Class

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Dragon Captain America Part 1

So decide to make a start on Cap last night, who is the 4th character going into my Avengers scene (with Thor, Iron Man and Hulk).  And actually got a huge way through him. Assembly (as with all these Dragon kits) was a breeze and there was just one small seam I wasn’t quite happy with and filled in before priming. Paints are Vallejo all hand painted. Looks a bit of a mess at the moment because just blocking in some colours and some messy washes on the gloves and boots. Just trying to get them to a ox-blood leather look.

Captain America
Captain America

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Into Darkness Enterprise

Finally got delivery of my newly released Enterprise from the new Into Darkness movie (having been held at the post office for a week) and initial impressions are very favourable.  Looks like a really nice model from Revell who have clearly thought carefully about what the model builder might want to do and have produced a nicely sized model.

Box art is pretty standard and nothing too exciting. It is marked up as the Into Darkness Enterprise and represents the Enterprise as it is for the vast majority of the film and not in the final scene.

Box Art
Box Art

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Dragon Hulk Part 2

Well this certainly turned out to be one of the easier builds I’ve done for a while and his nice chunky size makes him a really nice piece on the shelf.  Not quite finished yet but pretty close.

So Hulk first got a coat of a dark olive green on his body, which I did to try and match up to the movie a bit.  This was followed by a dark wash in the recesses.  While this dried off I gave his trousers a coat of purple which had been darkened up a bit.

The next day I started drybrushing him to bring out all the detail.  The trousers got a heavy drybrush with the original purple (ie the undarkened one) and then a light brush with a lightened version of the same purple.  His body and legs had a similar treatment with the original olive green and then a lightened version of it for the high points.

The mouth was painted up with red and the teeth picked out in white.  The whole thing was knocked back with some washes.  Might add a little more wash inside the mouth yet.  Hair is straight black, and might add the lightest drybrush with an extremely dark brown.  I’m rubbish at eyes and haven’t quite got them right yet.  Basically did the whites and then added some black (as his eyes are really small and dark).  But his right eye just isn’t right yet.  So will work on that a little bit more.

So here are some pictures.  Taken at night so quality isn’t that good.

Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash

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