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1/24 Scale Iron Man Kits by Dragon

Picked up the new 1:24 scale Iron Man kits from Dragon recently and here is a quick review of them. They are available for around the £12/13 mark on places like eBay at the moment.

There are 4 kits available at the moment and they are labelled up as Series 1, so I assume that if these are successful then there might be a Series 2. Boxes are all the same for them:

Mini Iron Man Kits
Mini Iron Man Kits

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Resin Modeller 1:2500 Constellation Class

A while ago I bought the 1:2500 Constellation Class which was sold by Resin Modeller.  The model retails for £15 plus postage (which was just 1st class post in the UK). I had a number of issues with the detail and the quality of the casting on it which I fed back to Resin Modeller at the time and we had quite a useful discussion.  The upshot of this was that he decided to remaster this kit using a 3D printed version.  This took sometime to produce but it is now available.

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Star Trek Magazine Enterprise D

Just picked up the new Star Trek magazine, first issue, which comes with a model of the Enterprise D and must say very impressed with it.  The first issue is £1.99 which makes it a bit of a bargain.  Future issues will be more (it lists £5.99 for the second one which is the Refit Enterprise) but looks like the normal price is £9.99 which is way too much for a toy.

It comes in a fair stout box with the compulsory clear packaging.

Enterprise D
Enterprise D

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1:2500 MVM Cyclone Class-Review

Recently purchased the newly released Cyclone Class Carrier in 1:2500 scale from Multi-Verse Models which looked like an interest and quite different ship to the norm.  Del (who is Multi-Verse Models) couldn’t have been more helpful and I ended up getting both the original and refit versions since the postage was the same for 1 or both.  Each kit is $25 and the postage for both to the UK was $12.75, cheaper than delivery within the UK for some companies).  And they got here in a week, which is pretty good going.

The kits are hand made masters, rather than being 3D prints like the Bonaventure.  The quality of the original and the casting is absolutely first rate and there is no flash, airbubbles or misalignment of the moulds.  In fact these look pretty much like you could assemble them straight off with no sanding or filling.

So here is what you get.

The model comes in a zip lock bag with a professionally laid out colour insert.


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Into Darkness Enterprise

Finally got delivery of my newly released Enterprise from the new Into Darkness movie (having been held at the post office for a week) and initial impressions are very favourable.  Looks like a really nice model from Revell who have clearly thought carefully about what the model builder might want to do and have produced a nicely sized model.

Box art is pretty standard and nothing too exciting. It is marked up as the Into Darkness Enterprise and represents the Enterprise as it is for the vast majority of the film and not in the final scene.

Box Art
Box Art

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