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Starboost Mk 39-Part 2

Didn’t get quite so far along with this at the weekend as I had hoped, and really just got the legs done.  Had some difficulties running the wires through the feet where there is no real space and had to chop out some solid parts.  I ran the wires out the bottom of the foot and will hide it around the metal support.  I did think about trying to make a hollow tube to run the wires down but think getting the angle just right would be tricky and not worth the effort.

Will paint the wires silver to blend in a bit with the support. Continue reading Starboost Mk 39-Part 2

Starboost Mk 39-Part 1

Wasn’t intending to do this as my next build but just kind of happened. So this is a kick off post. Having completed the War Machine and Mk VII with lighting (must get some final pictures of these 2 builds) I’m committed to doing them all with LEDs.  So first part of the process was to figure out what needs to be lit up.  There is the chest piece obviously, which for this one is the triangular version, and the booster pack which is the prominent feature of Starboost. Continue reading Starboost Mk 39-Part 1