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1:2500 Excelsior Class

Been working on this resin Excelsior class ship on and off and it’s nearly done now.

The USS Repulse was the only established operational Excelsior-class vessel still sporting a four digit registry number in the 24th century, suggesting she was a close contemporary of the 23rd century original USS Excelsior and thus one of the oldest vessels of the class still in service.

The USS Repulse (NCC-2544) was an Excelsior-class Federation starship that was in service with Starfleet in the late 24th century. This ship was commanded by Captain Taggert in the 2360s. Medical officer Katherine Pulaski served aboard this vessel before she was transported by shuttlecraft D’Alison (Repulse shuttlecraft 10) to her new assignment, the USS Enterprise-D, in 2365.  In casualty lists received by Deep Space 9 around 2375, the Repulse filed reports of many officers being missing, wounded or killed as part of an operation with the Ninth Fleet during the Dominion War.  Continue reading 1:2500 Excelsior Class