Was beginning to think I’d never get this shot but finally here it is, part 3 of the build together with some video of the EuroMilitaire show at Folkstone from 18th September 2016.



Here is part 2.

Bit of progress and helmet now in primer.

Still don’t seem to have the sound 100% sorted.  I fixed an external mic to the camera this time and you can still hear a bit of flutter on it.  These are the only 2 times this has happened in using the camera for over a year.  Very odd, so I think it might be the room or something…?


Trying something new with some short Vlog videos of builds.  Starting with this resin Force Awakens First Order Trooper helmet.

Please take a look and let me know what you think by leaving a thumbs up (or down if you think it’s crap) and subscribing on my YouTube channel. Trying to get this off the ground so your subscription would be really supportive of this new venture.

And sorry about the sound.  No idea why this happened (as never happened on other videos, so assume it must have been the location) and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

From the Back of the Shelf: Ma.K Raptor

Another old kit which I’ve never posted about, the 1:16 scale Ma.K. Raptor.  This is a different scale to the normal Ma.K. kits which are 1:20 (so slightly smaller than this).  This one is all resin and at the time of innocence that I got this (from eBay) it hadn’t crossed my mind that it would be anything odd.  Well turns out this is a recast of an original which seemed to only be available at Wonderfest in Japan.


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From the Back of the Shelf: Babylon 5 Starfury

Starting to do some random posts of old builds and starting with the long since discontinued Revell Starfury which featured in the Babylon 5 series.

These are really nice kits and Revell released an initial version and then a limited version which featured more, and different, wing art.

For my first one I decided to do something a bit different and based it on a post which was seen in the background of the Head of Security’s office (Garibaldi for anyone who remembers it).  This was of Daffy Duck.

Daffy Starfury
Daffy Starfury

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