1:2500 Kitbash-Episode 1

This is another kitbash which I was given recently and thought I’d make a bit of a start on turning it into a finished item. The original idea was for an Akira style ship from the Movie era, plus the original designer didn’t like the Akiraprise and wanted to turn it into something else.

The main saucer is a resin NX-01 which has been grafted to the nacelles from a Futura (I think) Constellation class model.  There is a roll bar, but not 100% sure where that part came from.


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1:2500 Bonaventure Class-Complete

Finally got a couple of tweaks done on the Delta Quadrant Bonaventure Class I reviewed an age ago and took some final pictures of it.  It was a lovely build, hardly any clean up of the parts themselves and the decals went on nicely.  The decals are a bit pixelly but give a great effect to the build.


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1:2500 MVM Cyclone Class-Review

Recently purchased the newly released Cyclone Class Carrier in 1:2500 scale from Multi-Verse Models which looked like an interest and quite different ship to the norm.  Del (who is Multi-Verse Models) couldn’t have been more helpful and I ended up getting both the original and refit versions since the postage was the same for 1 or both.  Each kit is $25 and the postage for both to the UK was $12.75, cheaper than delivery within the UK for some companies).  And they got here in a week, which is pretty good going.

The kits are hand made masters, rather than being 3D prints like the Bonaventure.  The quality of the original and the casting is absolutely first rate and there is no flash, airbubbles or misalignment of the moulds.  In fact these look pretty much like you could assemble them straight off with no sanding or filling.

So here is what you get.

The model comes in a zip lock bag with a professionally laid out colour insert.


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