I’ve been completely neglecting updates here for some considerable time now, so trying to do a bit of a catch-up on the build of the Falcon as it has progressed a long way since the last update.  So I will post a series of updates in rapid succession and get up to date.

After completing the landing gear the next part I wanted to focus on was the engines.  For these I wanted something that showed the engines in a lower power mode as intention is to have it landed.  So not off, but also not on either.  So this is a bit of my imagination and not really something we have actually seen ever.

Engine Bay

The first thing I did was to build up a platform within which the lighting for the engines would be placed.  I did this with the lighting back a little way in the hope it would diffuse the light.  It was just built out of plastic sheet.

This seemed to work out OK.  The LEDs fitted are ones which have a built in flicker effect, and are often used to mimic candles.  They go out of sequence really quickly and so you get an overall flickering effect but never darkness.

I covered the inside with reflective metal tape and used some strips for milk carton to further diffuse the lighting. (The holes you can see at the back edge are where there are further LEDs going to be fitted for the downlights on the underside).

Engine Bay

Unfortunately the engine detail parts that come with the kit are all grey plastic rather than clear. So to enable the engine lighting I made a mould of them using a 2 part putty.  This mould came out quite well.


Then I cast a series of theses until I had enough to replace the solid parts.


This seemed to work out pretty well but was a good amount of work.

Unfortunately as WordPress doesn’t allow videos on the free account I have tried to link to a copy of this on Facebook (in the SFM:uk group, so if you can’t see it I apologise)

Engine Test
Engine Test

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