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Dragon Hulk Part 1

Had a short hiatus on the Iron Man kit (small update on that so have added it to the last page rather than starting a new one) while I get some new solder to finish off the lighting aspects, so decided to have a quick assembly on the third of the kits which are going to form this scene which is Hulk.

There are only 5 parts (head, torso, trousers and 2 legs) so assembly is pretty simple.  Just needed to heat up the parts in a little warm water to get them to pop together.


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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 5 (Updated)

I’ve been rather lapse in not updating my build of the Dragon Iron Man kit and that’s basically because I haven’t done anything on it for a little while.  So thought that as time was moving on so rapidly (and with 2 more unstarted Avengers to complete my scene) I really should get back to this build.

So have actually gone backwards a bit and stripped off some of the parts from the top half as I now want to get the bottom half primed and painted.  So the final leg has been done and the cable run through the bottom of the shoe.  I had hoped to run it down a hollow tube instead of the solid one provided in the kit but I couldn’t find anything in my stock materials box which would work.  So rather than delay further I’m going with it separate and will hide it with some debris in the final scene.

I’m a little worried that some of the panel lines aren’t very good and will need filing in but will get some primer on and decide then.

So next step is to get that primer on, then some silver and then the top layer of candy red.  Will then pick out the details of the silver and gold parts afterwards.

Iron Man
Iron Man

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Dragon Thor Part 3

Only minor progress over the weekend (not much energy as had horrible cold) but have adjusted a lot of the colours on the torso and toned them down.  Much happier with the overall look now.  Blocked in the cuff with white and then did the red, which needs washes now to bring it down in tone.  Then will start some dry brushing to bring out highlights.

Sorry for the really bad photographs tonight.


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Dragon Thor Part 2

Managed to get Thor finished in primer, and used a black primer as thought it would make life a bit easier than using grey and then painting a lot of it in black.

Working through the pictures of Thor from the web and the model kit itself there are a number of differences between the two which is a bit frustrating.  But one thing that was pretty obvious is there is a lot more blue in his suit than the Dragon instructions would have you believe.

This picture is pretty typical and you can see that the majority of the suit is blue.

Movie Costume
Movie Costume

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Dragon Thor Part 1

With the weather dramatically turned (to snow and driving wind) I’m unable to get outside to give the Iron Man some primer and start the painting.  At the moment I don’t have anywhere to go to do spraying, although hope to get the garage a bit cleared out this year and get some space there where I can at least spray.

So I thought I’d make a start on one of his companions and get him assembled so that I can start painting when the weather changes, or as he will only need primer and the rest will probably be done by hand I at least have a better chance of achieving that. So Thor is now out of the box and assembled.

Assembly was pretty easy although the types of plastics used threw me a little bit as to what glue to use.  His arms and legs are clearly vinyl but his torso appears to be some sort of injection moulded plastic.  It stuck with the usual model glues anyway and I didn’t need to use superglue.

Fit was pretty good and probably the gaps left were really down to me rather than the kit.  I think if I had warmed the parts a bit they would have fitted better.  But even without this the seams were pretty minor and were all fixed within 30minutes with a bit of two part epoxy (Magic Sculpt to be precise).

So here he is.


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Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 3

Some more progress. Both legs are now assembled, although some of the smaller panels have been left off to help with the painting process. A wire was run down one leg to bring power upto the chest area where I will bring all the LED terminals together, as there is a decent amount of space there.

Left arm is finished as well, again with a wire running up (this was the bit I forgot to plan ahead for) and the hand has been opened up to accommodate the LED. This was actually a bit easier than I was anticipating. There is some light leakage from around the hand but will deal with that by applying some silver paint, probably with a black under layer to block all the light. The other hand has also been sorted out and will start the assembly of that next.

So all lighting is now either in place or all worked out and should be relatively simple to complete.

Then just need to clean up a few seams and start painting…

Now with legs
Now with legs

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