1:96 Saturn V-Part 1

Well I’m going to finally start this build.  I think I bought the kit a year ago (it may have even been 2) with a lot of excitement and then picked up the New Ware Models detailing kit at great expense.  Now I don’t know what happened at the time but I never actually got started.  I think the size of it was just a bit daunting.

Well with the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landings coming up (on 16th July 2009) I thought that this really should come out of the cupboard and see the light of day.  It might also help me shake off a bit of a fug with model building at the moment where I start a project and just get bored with it very quickly.  This time I have a definite date I MUST aim for and this time I’m going to get it done.

Now having said all that I haven’t got very far so far.  I had gone to start the Airfix 1:144 Saturn V and I think I might build them at the same time.  So here are 2 of the mighty F-1 engines which are on the first stage of the Saturn V.

F1 Engines
F1 Engines

Obviously the 1:96 one is on the left and the 1:144 on the right.  There is clearly a lot more detail on the 1:96 ones but even that is not 100% correct compared to the real thing.  However, I have decided that down that path lies madness and I will stick with the model part and just add some additional details, such as the small piping etc.  The 1:144 one I will leave as is.

So 4 more of them to do and we at least have some power….

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