1:96 Saturn V-Part 2

Well some little amount of progress this weekend and made me realise that this is going to be a pretty big task.

The remaining 4 F-1 engines were assembled, although the detail parts are still to be added.  The inside needed grinding down a bit because there are injection points which will be visible in the finished model.  Not a big job though.

F-1 Engines
F-1 Engines

The next bit I started to work on was the first stage.  This is formed by three complete round pieces which have the ribbing on them and 2 plastic sheet wraps.  I suspect that the idea was to keep the number of big parts down and thus reduce the manufacturing cost.  But they are a pain!  But with a bit of care (the pre-drilled holes are in slightly the wrong place) and a bit of trimming to get the parts to join at the edge of the piping it doesn’t do a bad job.  I had read about replacing these with plastic tube but sourcing the right size is not easy and it is very expensive.

I did discover that either through misreading the (very vague) instructions or the parts being incorrect there was a gap between the piping parts.  Not a big deal to correct and these will anyway be covered with photoetch for the New Ware detailing kit in due course.

The ruler against the side is 12″ long to give you some idea of the scale of this thing.

Stage 1
Stage 1

1:96 Saturn V-Part 1

Well I’m going to finally start this build.  I think I bought the kit a year ago (it may have even been 2) with a lot of excitement and then picked up the New Ware Models detailing kit at great expense.  Now I don’t know what happened at the time but I never actually got started.  I think the size of it was just a bit daunting.

Well with the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landings coming up (on 16th July 2009) I thought that this really should come out of the cupboard and see the light of day.  It might also help me shake off a bit of a fug with model building at the moment where I start a project and just get bored with it very quickly.  This time I have a definite date I MUST aim for and this time I’m going to get it done.

Now having said all that I haven’t got very far so far.  I had gone to start the Airfix 1:144 Saturn V and I think I might build them at the same time.  So here are 2 of the mighty F-1 engines which are on the first stage of the Saturn V.

F1 Engines
F1 Engines

Obviously the 1:96 one is on the left and the 1:144 on the right.  There is clearly a lot more detail on the 1:96 ones but even that is not 100% correct compared to the real thing.  However, I have decided that down that path lies madness and I will stick with the model part and just add some additional details, such as the small piping etc.  The 1:144 one I will leave as is.

So 4 more of them to do and we at least have some power….

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