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Been away so no progress on any new models, so timely to add another from the back of the shelf in the form of this figure kit of Kryten which was issued by Sevans an absolute age ago.  It was painted up in Halfords spray paints if I remember rightly, with the details done in which a brush. Continue reading Kryten



Continuing my additions from the “back of the shelf” I thought I’d add this old kit which I first got a long, long time ago. It is a 1980’s era release of one of the odder kits from the SF3D range which was subsequently re-named as Maschinen Krieger when they were re-released more recently and this is the name that has stuck with all new releases.

Here is the background blurb for this kit:

In March 2883, the Shutoral National Defense Force ordered the Weapon Development Service to produce a high power driverless reconnaissance weapon. However, development and production were far behind time owing to a change for the worse of output of antigravity equipment. It was at the end of September, 2884 that the Shutoral forces actually began to produce the driverless reconnaissance weapon with fine computer, seeker, and senor for reconnaissance capacity and silence in moving by the front, and each forces demanded to arrange the new weapon. However, the number of production of P.K.A. was prior to that of Neuspotter. Therefore the actual arrangement of Neuspotters was limited to a few superior forces. 

So, through the bad translation from Japanese to English, this is basically a recon drone powered by an anti-grav drive.

The kit itself is 1:20 scale and used multi-media parts including brass etch.  It’s a lovely kit and if you’re a fan of the SF3D/Ma.K series it’s a must have. Unfortunately it has never been re-released and consequently is something of a rarity. Continue reading Neuspotter

Rick Dias

I recently discovered a whole load of old pictures on my hard drive, which I had previously thought had disappeared into the electronic ether, and thought I’d add a few to my blog.

First up (for no particular reason at all) is a Master Grade Rick Dias, 1:100 scale, that I built as my first and so far only commission work.  I had pretty much free rein over the colour and design and produced some custom decals using the companies logo, including their web address and bar code. Continue reading Rick Dias

1:2500 Galaxy Class-Completed

This build was a struggle, not from the build itself which was dead easy but the decals.  Was not impressed with these as they broke up far to easily and were extremely brittle.  I eventually found that soaking them in warm water for plenty of time helped a bit.  But finally got it all done.

To get it to sit right I had to glue in the support rod, otherwise it just kept tipping forwards.

Onto the next build!

Enterprise D
Enterprise D

Continue reading 1:2500 Galaxy Class-Completed

The Avengers

Well I’m going to call this complete just for the time being, as bit burnt out on these and want to move onto something else for now.  The figures I’m happy with on the whole but the base could do with some more work to busy up the ground area.

Iron Man is wired in and there is a blue LED under Thor’s hammer.  I have left the clear parts unpainted to better show the lighting, but it might need a little bit of blue just to show it up better.

The back wall was done with wallpaper meant for dollhouses (it is 1:12 scale rather than 1:9 but looks close enough) and the posters were downloaded and printed out.  Went for some rival Marvel productions as well as some Stark posters.  Was going for an alleyway look, which could do with some graffiti perhaps and maybe some drainpipes for the wall.  The ground is currently bare and in time could do with some rubbish, detritus etc.

But for now it’s going to remain as it is. And I will come back to it at a later date.

Better pictures coming soon but for now here is a quick phone snap.

The Avengers
The Avengers