1:2500 Galaxy Class-Part 1

As part of the SFM:uk celebration of the 20th anniversary of the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I’m going to be building the 1:2500 Round 2 Cadet series Enterprise D.  I had initially considered doing a non-canon design but changed my mind that it wasn’t sufficiently “Next Gen”.

So all build have to be for the competition, so kick off with a picture of the parts which can be dated.  So here is mine:

Enterprise D
Enterprise D

So kicking off on 6th March 14.  I kind of forgot to take any intervening pictures (doing it in the evening and packed away just before turning in for the night, plus nothing much to show).  But did get assembly done pretty quickly, which isn’t to say much as there are so few parts and also sanded off the raised panel lines.

Keeping it as the saucer, engineering hull and nacelles for now to make applying the decals easier.  Quick squirt of primer and going with a dove grey, as a warmer grey to the normal. Got a hint of blue to it as well.

So started with the decals.

This are the kit supplied ones and nice to see they’re doing full sets now with the kit. Unfortunately there a couple of issues, or really one big one.

The decals take forever to release from the backing paper, but you can live with that. Just slows things down. But the real problem is they’re incredibly stiff and brittle. Snapped (literally) virtually every single one and ended up having to cut them into single panels just to keep them in one piece. Doesn’t look too bad in the pictures but in reality there are a few breaks visible and a few spots where the decal has gone awol.

Not an enjoyable session!!

Enterprise D
Enterprise D

So looks OK, but few issues. Might have gone on better with some Micro Set but as that’s still lost in the post I didn’t want to wait for several more weeks before starting. Probably just about got away with it as this is likely to be the most visible area. Not overly happy though.

Want to get these dried and sealed properly before starting anymore as don’t want to lift off or be damaged.



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