Battlestar Pegasus Part 1

Well I was well and truely gobsmacked earlier today when a parcel arrived from Pete and inside was the Moebius Battlestar Pegasus. So a massive thanks to Pete for his generosity in sending this. But it came with a catch that there had to be a build diary. So true to my word here is the start.

Battlestar Pegasus
Battlestar Pegasus

Moody and dark. Sorry about that.

So not much time tonight as packing to go away but did get just a short while and cracked out the sprue cutters and got going.

Just one landing bay done but it pretty much flew together. Just a very small amount of filler going to be needed to fill in a couple of very small gaps on the main arms.

Fighter Pods
Fighter Pods
Fighter Pods
Fighter Pods

Plan will be do this the same as the Galactica kit I built, which was done as the Excalibur for the Viper build.


So will need to wrack my brains to remember the process for that. But it did use the Accreation decals, so will have a look and see if they do them for the Pegasus as well.


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