War Machine Part 1

Made a start on the first of the 3 Iron Man kits, and picked War Machine simply because the paint job is going to be a bit simpler and there are only 2 lights in it because both hands are in fists.

Pretty simple job so far.  Lights went in no trouble (2 3mm white LEDs) although little bit of leakage around the neck area which will need to be sorted out.

These first couple of shots are after about an hour.

War Machine
War Machine

War Machine
War Machine

You might spot that the chest piece has been cut out but after clipping it into the place the lower torso pieces obstruct the light and I’ve had to cut out a window in them to all the light through from where I installed the LED.

I didn’t read the instructions properly though and first time installed those lower torso pieces upside down.  Quick fix though as realised the moment I applied glue and whipped it apart.

And after a couple of hours the arms were nearly done as well.

War Machine
War Machine

Chest piece now open down to the LED.

Liking the pose.

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