Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build Part 4

Having got the Paragrafix photoetch set through I thought I’d make a start on that and see what modifications might be needed to incorporate it into the build.  Apologies for being rather haphazard so far with this build and not really focusing on any one element.  Need to bring that back into check and get a plan of action together.  Anyway, in the meantime I cut out the etch for the hanger area.  Went together really nicely and fits really well.


It does raise a couple of issues though.

Firstly there is basically no space above it for any lighting to be installed to illuminate it.  There is a small gap between the arches of the hanger and the plastic but not much.  Just possible that enough light would come through there though.   Shot below is of the hanger from a screen grab.  Not many references that I can find online. So will need some lighting at the back (there are cut outs in the etch for these and around the clam shell.


Secondly, that the flashing beacon above the hanger (the little nub you can see in the picture above) needs to be lit and now there is no where underneath it install the planned 3mm LED.

Surface mount LEDs might be the way forwards for this so will need to do some further investigation.

Will also need to design some decals for the landing bays, but that shouldn’t be a biggie.

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