Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build Part 3

Not really a proper update on the build itself but I did get my circuit board from Ant through which he has set up to match the strobe and flashing lights seen in the movie.

Ant has recently produced his V2 LED Driver ( and I thought of this when trying to work out how to do the double strobe flash on the kit.  So got in touch and Ant pulled together an amazing job of fixing not only the double strobe but also the single pulse lights which are seen on the bridge and by the shuttle bay.

Circuit Board
Circuit Board

The board itself is really tiny (36mm by 20mm) and so will fit easily inside the model and can be hidden away in the saucer.  It can be set to run 5 different sequences I believe, so has a lot of flexibility to run different lights within the same model.

So I pointed Ant at the video of lights flashing and he synced up the circuit to match them exactly.  The video below isn’t the final version (it was tweaked a tiny bit after that) but shows the flashing that this will drive.

So just need to solder up the wires to run the LEDs and this element will be all sorted.

7 thoughts on “Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build Part 3”

  1. hey, that chip sounds really cool! but i can´t find the video you mentioned. do you still have it? do you have some more building progress pictures? is it finished by now?
    drop me a line 🙂

  2. The build is completely stalled at the moment as got distracted by doing Iron Man kits.

    The video is the one that you can find in Part 1 of the build diary (the Interactive Inspection) which has some good views of the way the lights flash on the Enterprise. You can find it here: as I can’t upload videos into WordPress unless I upgrade….

  3. great! i wrote him an email 🙂 hope he can provide another one. the more i look around the more i know that won´t be doing this without the correct flashing sequence! thx a lot. i am looking forward to see some progress.

  4. Great! I´ll get the same flasher soon 🙂 Thanks a lot.
    Do you have more pics that you could maybe send me so i can see how exactly you did the wireing? i am new to all these electronics and i need to see more. i plan SMD LEDs on the flasher as well as normal LEDs and i need to know how to connect it. can you help?

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