Revell Into Darkness Enterprise Build Part 1

Time to make a start on this beast I think!

So did a trawl of the internet and found some amazing builds out there.  Someone on the RPF forum is doing a fully accurate and lit version (you can find his build here) and using tiny surface mount LEDs to provide the floodlights.  Pretty sure I’m not going to attempt that, looks like a nightmare!

There are also some good videos on YouTube which are great reference material for the lighting I am going to install.

My intention is to get the ParaGrafix photoetch set for this kit, mainly for the spinners in the nacelles, but someone has already done a scaled set which could be printed out and assembled, and kindly made them available for free.  You can see their work here. But still going to stick with the ParaGarfix set.  It also comes with a hanger so can’t do too much to the secondary hull until I get that to see what needs to be done to fit it in (and whether it’s worth it).

So plan for this is to build it without modifications to the kit itself and install some lighting elements.  The errors look to be relatively minor to me and you’d have to be a bit of an obsessive to spot them and not sufficiently dramatic to warrant the major work, and with my skills major chances of mistakes and destroying the parts completely. And some of the lighting will be incredibly hard to achieve because it was done with CGI and the laws of physics didn’t actually apply.

So having played around with the parts a bit I’m going to make a very small start while waiting for the photoetch to come and some of the lighting parts.

Simple place to start seems to be the deflector dish.  A quick build on that was to remove the back of the white plastic part and insert a 3mm blue LED into place.  The light diffuses a bit through the deflector but would be good to get some more light to emit from the mid parts, as most is (obviously) coming out the centre at the moment.


The centre actually looks quite dark on the screen.  So a bit of light blocking there may help to send the remaining light out to the edges a bit more, or at least reduce the massive hotspot there.

On Screen
On Screen

This screenshot shows the copper colour in the deflector nicely.

On Screen
On Screen

And this walk around gives the best image of the deflector without any motion blur.


Wont be able to get it exactly the same because the light just wont travel through the part like that but hopefully will be close.

Think the next step has to be starting to get the lighting decided for the saucer section (the deflector was just a mild distraction for the evening and make me feel like something had been achieved).  So now need to plan my strategy for the windows etc.  Don’t want mega bright light so might be able to get away with relatively low number of lighting elements for them.

More soon…..

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