1:2500 Kitbash-Episode 1

This is another kitbash which I was given recently and thought I’d make a bit of a start on turning it into a finished item. The original idea was for an Akira style ship from the Movie era, plus the original designer didn’t like the Akiraprise and wanted to turn it into something else.

The main saucer is a resin NX-01 which has been grafted to the nacelles from a Futura (I think) Constellation class model.  There is a roll bar, but not 100% sure where that part came from.


The saucer has had most of the details removed and these will need to be replaced to put it into the Movie era.


Need to decide whether to leave the indents on the underside or fill them in.

So will start on the tidy up of the joints and get some filler on where needed (few dings where details have been removed), then need to clone some Movie era parts for the bridge, impulse crystal and probably planetary sensor as well. Not 100% sure on that rollbar as it hasn’t got anything in the middle at the moment.

More soon.

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