1:2500 Zimmer Class Frigate Part 1-Update

I was given this little kitbash by a friend and so I can’t claim to have come up with the design itself.  It is a cut down saucer from the 1:2500 set coupled with nacelles from the Constellation class kit which was released by Futura (quite cheap at one point but pricey now).  So a simple little build essentially and one that had sat in Mark’s stash for quite some time.

New Class
New Class

As this is a kitbash it doesn’t has a particular class it belongs to.  Both myself and Mark see it as a support ship, light on firepower but maybe quite fast, which would fit into the role of a light frigate.  Some wag on the SFM:uk site suggested, based on it being a support ship, that it should be the Zimmer Class, as in zimmer frame providing support.  Quite like this so going to adopt it.

And with a set of custom decals on it’s beginning to take shape.  Just done the top surface so far and need to do the underside.  Will also need to do some new decals for things that I hadn’t originally thought about, like something for the front cut-out and some pendants for the top of the nacelles, which look naked without anything.

Zimmer Class
Zimmer Class

And named after Mark as he designed it.

And now with decals on the bottom.  I need to print some new ones to finish this off, as now it’s almost done it’s clear it needs more markings and pendants etc.


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