Dragon Hulk Part 1

Had a short hiatus on the Iron Man kit (small update on that so have added it to the last page rather than starting a new one) while I get some new solder to finish off the lighting aspects, so decided to have a quick assembly on the third of the kits which are going to form this scene which is Hulk.

There are only 5 parts (head, torso, trousers and 2 legs) so assembly is pretty simple.  Just needed to heat up the parts in a little warm water to get them to pop together.


There is just a small seam around the neck which I couldn’t get to fill in by heating and squishing the parts together.


That was just filled in with some Magic Sculpt and smoothed with a wet brush.  Took the opportunity to fill some very small gaps in the join between the trousers and torso as well.

Will need to get him primed and then decide on paints.  The movie made him look less lime green and more dark/olive green, so thinking of going that route.

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