Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 5 (Updated)

I’ve been rather lapse in not updating my build of the Dragon Iron Man kit and that’s basically because I haven’t done anything on it for a little while.  So thought that as time was moving on so rapidly (and with 2 more unstarted Avengers to complete my scene) I really should get back to this build.

So have actually gone backwards a bit and stripped off some of the parts from the top half as I now want to get the bottom half primed and painted.  So the final leg has been done and the cable run through the bottom of the shoe.  I had hoped to run it down a hollow tube instead of the solid one provided in the kit but I couldn’t find anything in my stock materials box which would work.  So rather than delay further I’m going with it separate and will hide it with some debris in the final scene.

I’m a little worried that some of the panel lines aren’t very good and will need filing in but will get some primer on and decide then.

So next step is to get that primer on, then some silver and then the top layer of candy red.  Will then pick out the details of the silver and gold parts afterwards.

Iron Man
Iron Man

Iron Man
Iron Man (and Thor)

Thor has had some work as well and there is some shadowing on his cloak and he’s actually got some flesh colour now which isn’t a million miles away from where I’d like it to be.  He is actually a bit too pink (the picture below looks more like I’d like it to look) and needs paling down some.  But hair and beard I’m happy with.


Small update on this:

Have tested out my paint for this, which is a Candy Red designed for use on cars.

Candy Red
Candy Red

So got the bottom half primed, a coat of silver and then 2 coats of this red. This is what it looked like after the first coat.

Candy Red
Candy Red

I then brush painted in the silver and gold parts.  My gold paint came out a bit more brassy than I had hoped and thinking it might need to be redone.

Bottom Painted
Bottom Painted

Have also moved onto the lighting and tested that out again just to ensure it is all working OK.  Looking good so far.  Couldn’t find my solder that night so couldn’t get any further at the time.

Lighting Test

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