Dragon Thor Part 2

Managed to get Thor finished in primer, and used a black primer as thought it would make life a bit easier than using grey and then painting a lot of it in black.

Working through the pictures of Thor from the web and the model kit itself there are a number of differences between the two which is a bit frustrating.  But one thing that was pretty obvious is there is a lot more blue in his suit than the Dragon instructions would have you believe.

This picture is pretty typical and you can see that the majority of the suit is blue.

Movie Costume
Movie Costume

I’ve made a start on the blocking in but need to correct a few things.  The sleeves in particular I got all wrong and they are actually darker than the rest of the suit, not lighter.  Looks like gunmetal to me.  My fault for following the instructions.  But I am going a little bit lighter than the image above otherwise I’m worried it will be overall too dark.

Colouring In
Colouring In
Colouring In
Colouring In

The whole thing will get a dark wash which will knock back the blue and then my plan is to do some dry brushing to get some texture in.

Overall happy with the results so far.

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