Dragon Thor Part 1

With the weather dramatically turned (to snow and driving wind) I’m unable to get outside to give the Iron Man some primer and start the painting.  At the moment I don’t have anywhere to go to do spraying, although hope to get the garage a bit cleared out this year and get some space there where I can at least spray.

So I thought I’d make a start on one of his companions and get him assembled so that I can start painting when the weather changes, or as he will only need primer and the rest will probably be done by hand I at least have a better chance of achieving that. So Thor is now out of the box and assembled.

Assembly was pretty easy although the types of plastics used threw me a little bit as to what glue to use.  His arms and legs are clearly vinyl but his torso appears to be some sort of injection moulded plastic.  It stuck with the usual model glues anyway and I didn’t need to use superglue.

Fit was pretty good and probably the gaps left were really down to me rather than the kit.  I think if I had warmed the parts a bit they would have fitted better.  But even without this the seams were pretty minor and were all fixed within 30minutes with a bit of two part epoxy (Magic Sculpt to be precise).

So here he is.



The base is quite nice and has a perfect space for the hammer and the bits of effect which rise off the hammer.  Might have to try and incorporate it somehow into the base I’m planning (in my head).


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