Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 4

Another half an hour on this last night and got the second arm assembled. So thought I’d put it all together to see how it looks.

Mainly Assembled
Mainly Assembled

There are quite a few more panels which need to be added to the arms and legs but some would be better done separately as they are red panels over a silver part (for example).

Main thing that I need to do now is bend a piece of tubing to shape for the stand which I can run the main wire down. But it’s probably time to start getting some paint on him.  Still waiting for this to arrive though, but can at least start doing the primer.

I do seem to have made an error somewhere with the neck as the cover piece for this doesn’t sit down far enough and there is a big gap.  The instructions are vague about the neck support piece and I think I’ve put it in a bit wrong.  Will need to do some cutting to get it to sit in properly.  Also need to work out where the wire will run for the light behind the eyes.

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