Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 3

Some more progress. Both legs are now assembled, although some of the smaller panels have been left off to help with the painting process. A wire was run down one leg to bring power upto the chest area where I will bring all the LED terminals together, as there is a decent amount of space there.

Left arm is finished as well, again with a wire running up (this was the bit I forgot to plan ahead for) and the hand has been opened up to accommodate the LED. This was actually a bit easier than I was anticipating. There is some light leakage from around the hand but will deal with that by applying some silver paint, probably with a black under layer to block all the light. The other hand has also been sorted out and will start the assembly of that next.

So all lighting is now either in place or all worked out and should be relatively simple to complete.

Then just need to clean up a few seams and start painting…

Now with legs
Now with legs

Now with legs
Now with legs

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