Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 2

Little bit of progress last night which took me much longer than it should have done because I didn’t plan ahead.  But I have decided to do lighting (it was too good an opportunity to miss) and have installed a 3mm LED behind the chest plate.  Here is a quick picture (sorry rubbish quality as it was snapped one handed with my phone as I was holding the terminals to the battery with the other hand).

Let there be light
Let there be light

Will need a bit of tidying up between the two parts but that would have to wait until the underneath sections are painted anyway, and the top plate on the chest is another part to build up the layers.

It is probably a bit bright though at the moment.  The LEDs are prewired for 9V but I’m hoping that either once a few more are installed it will be a bit duller or I might try stepping the voltage down to 6V and see if that works.

Let there be light-but not so much
Let there be light-but not so much

I managed to get wires down the left arm as well and this is where I didn’t plan ahead.  The wire needs to run up the arm and down the chest and out down the leg, but the arm socket is solid and I shouldn’t have glued up the armature underneath.  So had to drill holes and pull the wires through.  More difficult than it should have been.

The hand is also tricky.  It is molded from soft vinyl and drilling it out is hard because it deforms.  Going to take a bit of work to get the LED into the base of the hand and the tip projecting into the repulsor.

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