Dragon Iron Man Mk VII Part 1

I picked up some of the new Dragon kits from the Avengers Assemble movie just recently and was keen to have a go at them, particularly the Iron Man kit.  There is an excellent review on the SFM:uk website for these kits so I wont repeat what is said there.

I’ve always liked Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr’s version is great (in my opinion anyway), so this adds to my enthusiasm for the kit.  So got stuck in last night.  Initial thoughts are good, although the fit of some parts takes a bit of experimenting and the diagrams in the instructions are a bit vague.  The sprue attachment points aren’t as creative as Bandai, which always hide them somewhere and there is cleanup needed for each part to get rid of the cut marks.  The second thing is that the ARC reactor is moulded in solid plastic, which will make lighting tricky if you want to go that route.  The hands are quite small as well which will make inserting lighting for the palms difficult.  Not impossible but certainly makes it a little harder.  Would need to light the eyes as well of course.  Not sure if I will go down that route now having looked at the parts and what will be needed, although had initially planned to put lights in.  Will have to see and have a bit more of a play with the parts to see if it’s worthwhile.

Underneath the torso is a skeleton which you attach the suit parts to.  This is a pretty good way of building the figure up and making it a bit easier to handle.  The suit parts then attach on top of this.  Here’s where I got to in about 30 minutes.

The lower parts are attached and glued into place but the upper parts are still loose, so I can go back and incorporate lighting into the chest if I do decide to do that.


One issue is that the panels overlap each other which can make painting difficult.  You can see this on the back most clearly.


The lower parts look like they will need to be painted first, as some parts (which are then subsequently partially hidden) will need gold and/or silver highlights which will be very hard to do well with the upper parts in place.  So think they will need to be painted and detailed and then masked and the upper parts painted.  Not difficult as long as it’s thought about beforehand.

Size wise it’s a nice kit.  Scaled at 1:9.

Think I’ve found some paint which will do the red nicely  and have a plan for the gold and silver sections.

Also I have the Hulk and Thor kits (with Captain America coming) and the 4 kits will be displayed together.  So thinking at the moment to have it as a little scene from the fight scene in the movie.  Which means Iron Man will need to be beaten up quite a bit.  So looks like might need a bit of dremel work…

Beaten Up
Beaten Up

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