1:2500 Jenghiz Class Destroyer Part 2

Have worked up a set of decals for this model, which since it is from the original release doesn’t include the decals which now come with these models. So the decals were made from scans of purchased one which I have tweaked around to give a different overall look and make them darker. Also added saucer shuttle bays to each side of the top. But other than that no real changes.  The model itself was painted Dove Grey so it’s a bit darker than the standard white used for this era of Star Trek ships.  As I am aiming for a largish display of ships I don’t want them to be uniform colours as I think that would be a little bit boring.

The name chosen is the USS Alleyne, which comes from the Trek Wiki and I don’t think this is a canon name or number, although it does seem to come from the Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual.

And here is a description of the lineage of the Jenghiz Class:

The Jenghiz class destroyers were a type of Federation starship on active duty in Starfleet during at least the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. Refit and construction of these ships was authorized in October, 2269, with refits and new-build ships (NCC-556 through -592) being commissioned throughout the 2270s. (Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, vol. 1, 2006 revision).

Many ships of this class were Saladin-class upgraded to linear warp drive and outfitted with newer weapons and defense systems.

Standard complement of a Jenghiz-class ship was 328 officers and crew, plus 10 surface action specialists

And here are the pictures.  Just need to give it some matt finish spray once the decals are all dried off.

Jenghiz Class
Jenghiz Class
Jenghiz Class
Jenghiz Class

And a comparison with the Constitution Class to show the variation in colour and decals.

Jenghiz Class
Jenghiz Class

Having added the decals I now feel that it needs a red pendant along the top of the nacelle otherwise this area is too simple in comparison to the rest of the decals. So will do this as well (should have something in the spares box) and then it will be done.

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