1:2500 Ambassador Class Ship-Part 1

As I was adding the old Star Trek models to this blog I got a bit of a hankering to do a new one.  So went up into the loft and had a good rummage around and found a lot of my old 1:2500 models (I had a bit of an addiction to them at one point and got quite a few including resin ones of the more unusual ships).  And in looking found a basically complete Ambassador Class model.  It had been fully assembled at some point in the past with the exception of gluing the saucer to the main body.

So for a quick fix this was going to be ideal.

I gave it a quick respray with some Halfords White Primer and then got cracking with the decals.  As with the USS Sovereign the decals cover the majority of the surfaces and the one on the top of the saucer is basically the size of the entire thing with the centre area cut out so the bridge can fit inside the decal and also the phaser banks.  Very scary applying it though and after a failed attempt to slide it on I floated it in a large bowl of water and the lifted the saucer up underneath it.  Because of its size, and how fragile it is with the missing sections, I didn’t quite get it into the perfect position but it is only a fraction out.

The other decals for the areas around the bridge and around the edge of the saucer where then added.


So not bad progress for a short period of time.  More to come.

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