MDC Dragon Tyrath-Paints Part 2

Cracking on with this to get it finished for the Brampton Show and so I can then get back to the X-Wing I’m building and the main Star Wars hanger base.

So I was a bit worried about the large expanse of red when I looked at the pictures in the previous update so decided to add some orange stripes which would subtly break up all that red.  Did this by brushing in some stripes from the midline downwards using Macharius Solar Orange (Foundation Paints from Games Workshop again).  This looked pretty good, not obvious but a definite texture on the skin.

I also drybrushed on some Tausept Ochre into the underside of the wings to again break up the colours.

As this looked OK I went ahead with starting some washes.  The main body got a pretty heavy wash with Baal Red (Games Workshop washes).  Unfortunately this pretty much hides the orange stripes, which were relatively subtle to start with.  You can see them just but they are super subtle now.  Also washed into the deep folds of the wings and around the wing ribs to start creating some shadows.  And used the same wash on the yellow parts on the underside to start bringing it all together.  This is a bit blocky at the moment, with some demarcation lines where the washes ends, and needs further blending.

Finally for last night the horns and plates all got their first wash with Gryphonnia Sepia.  Will need more detailing yet but as it was getting late and I’d need to wait for the wash to dry I decided to call it a night at this point.

I’ll need to do more washes and also some drybrushing and probably some pastels or pigments.  I’m just a bit worried that it looks toy like at the moment and needs to be brought down tonally some more yet.

Next up I’ll work on the mouth and face I think.


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