Triliance Star Wars Personnel and Equipment

Managed to pick up both sets of the Triliance Star Wars accessory sets recently for the upcoming hanger build to busy up the scene as a whole and provide some additional interest.  They seem to be listed as permanently out of stock and if you want to get hold of a set it seems to you have to get on their mailing list and email to show interest.  Maybe they are really popular and they never actually get to be listed on the site?

There are two sets, the personnel and the equipment, which also has a couple of additional figures.

The personnel set includes 5 figures, with 5 replacement heads (presumably for the Fine Molds figures to give variety), 3 R2 type droids with 3 different heads and 2 Gonk droids.


Casting looks good but there is quite a bit of flash, as you might expect for a 2 part mould of this size, and clean up does not appear to be particularly challenging.  The droid parts are mounted on a wafer.

Figures may have limited usefulness for this particular build as there are really only 3 which would be useful for the hanger.  The other 2 appear to be Luke and Han in their Stormtrooper disguises.


The Gonk droids are a nice touch and include a separate foot.

The equipment set gives you 2 more figures (a pilot and a technician), a hover cart, 2 R2 type droids, 1 Gonk droid and then some diagnostic equipment and some lighting parts which are seen around parked ships.


Again there is some flash around the parts and the smaller bits are on a wafer.

Figures and droids
Figures and droids

The pilot is a Greedo (I believe the species is Rodian) and a maintenance guy.

Hover cart
Hover cart

The underside of the hover cart is really nicely detailed.  Shame it is very unlikely to be seen.


And finally all the various items of equipment.

Overall the parts all look nicely detailed and cleanup should not be a challenge.  The droids don’t come with any decals so finishing them could be something of a challenge, but possible that the Fine Molds ones could be used as a template as long as they are the same size.  Must confess to not looking forwards to painting the figures as this scale is way smaller than I am particularly comfortable with and not very good at faces anyway.

5 thoughts on “Triliance Star Wars Personnel and Equipment”

  1. Wow! Nice find! Do you have any experience if these are matching to the old Star Wars miniatures from Westend Games in terms of scale?

  2. Sorry, no idea. But these are scaled to 1:72 for the Fine Molds (or now the Bandai) Star Wars models. Might not be that far off as these are almost exactly the same as the figures that MicroMachines released.

    1. I have been looking for this set for YEARS…the company seems to have gone under, disappeared, closed down, left the planet, who knows…all I know is I cant find these things ANYWHERE…do you happen to know of some kind of secret stash of these somewhere? I would forever be in your debt, lol

  3. I have been searching for these for YEARS…the company appears to have gone out of business or just disappeared…do you have ANY idea where one can grab this kit?? I would be forever in your debt, lol

  4. I’m afraid you may be completely out of luck. My understanding is they were hit with a cease and desist order by Lucas/Disney so they are no longer available. You might be very, very lucky and find a set on eBay but that’s the only place I can think of I’m afraid.

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