Filled Wings

MDC Dragon Tyrath-Wings Update

Well decided to try and fix the tatty wings to make this dragon look a bit more whole.  So tried something I seemed to recall reading somewhere that you can use tissue paper and PVA glue.  Using toilet paper (Sainsburys Recycled in case it’s important later), cut a piece to about the right size and damped it down with a solution of PVA diluted about 50% with water.  Worked the first wing (the one on the left) too much and paper started to disintegrate, so kept the working on the second one to a minimum and came out better.  Second one was easier anyway as it is much flatter and got fewer deep ridges on it.  Dried overnight it’s as hard as a rock now.

Going to do a little more paper and then sand it down a bit to remove any texturing from the paper plus there are a few creases in the paper.  As there isn’t much in the way of details I’ll probably try a layer of Halfords Filling Primer and sand that back as well.

Filled Wings
Filled Wings

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