Viper Squadron Part 3

Rubbish camera phone picts (will take better ones before moving on) but just to prove that it now looks like a Viper:


Must say that the fit around the back is either quite poor or I’ve made an error somewhere. Quite a few gaps around the engines which will need a bit of filler in them.

So task list for tonight is:

-sort out the thrusters (mark them up and shallowly drill them out)
-fill gaps around the engine parts
-fill gap behind the cockpit (forgot that as well before sealing up the fuselage)
-have put on some Wave option parts for the Rescue handle bit but they are too proud of the surface and either need to be drilled in or sanded down to make them a bit flusher (another thing which would have been easier if I’d done it before glueing up!)

Should then be ready for a coat of white primer before the end of the week. Then just decals and some weathering. Have some stuff put to one side for the equipment in the bay which I hope I can whizz through quickly.

Still not found anything ready made to contain the LEDs for the engine so going to have to try and make something round out of styrene sheet I think. Keep looking at every round item I find but not found anything suitable as yet.

Nothing like cutting it fine is there! And February seemed so far away…

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