Viper Squadron Part 1

With the release of the Moebius Models Viper Mk II kit the SFM:uk group decided to have a group build for the South Cheshire Militaire Show on 27 February 2011.  There will be 10 models built for the show each in it’s own section of hanger with the end result being a massive centre piece to our table there.

So here is the start of my build.  I wont bore you with a review of the parts as that has been done quite a few times already.  (There is an excellent build up by Mark McGee on the SFM:uk website).

My plan is to light the model up using the Paragrahix photo etch set to help with this in the cockpit area and have the pilot probably sitting in his seat waiting for the green light to go.

So I have drilled and cut out gaps in the plastic and then the photo etch is attached on top of these.  Once painted up there are transparent prints which go behind the etch to form the instruments displays.

Photo Etch Cockpit Detailing
Photo Etch Cockpit Detailing
Photo Etch Cockpit Detailing
Photo Etch Cockpit Detailing

The box on the front of the cockpit, which is a bit rough and ready as it was trimmed to fit into the space available, will form the lightbox and contain at least 2 white LEDs.  Think 2 might be enough but possible that a third might be needed if that proves necessary.  Following advice this will be lined with silver foil which both reflects the light around the box and seals up any light leaks.

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