Completed Stack

1:96 Saturn V Part 12

Well here it is.  Just one picture of the completed stack because the rest will hopefully be in the Real Space issue of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller Magazine.
Completed Stack
Completed Stack

A last minute dash and spending a few late nights in the model room and I managed to get it to this stage.  As those who have been following this build will know this was not my original build concept and so I will now change tack and go back to building it on its side with the engines of each stage exposed.

But in the meantime at least I know that I made the deadline and had something worth publishing.

Not seen in previous posts is the Blast Protection Cover (the bit just below the escape tower) which is a vacuformed part.  The Command Module would sit below this.

Decals were VERY thin and a job to put on, especially the large ones which had a tendency to fold over on themselves.  And they didn’t take Deca-Sol well.  Fortunately I managed to wash them before it took hold.

Onwards and upwards!!!!

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