1:96 Saturn V-Part 10

Working ever closer to the top!!  Now reached as far as the Service Modules.  The one which comes with the kit is a Block 1 version (as explained in my previous post) and I had to sand off all the details which were moulded on.  This was really confusing because the plastic retains the appearance of the moulding even after it has been sanded off.  So it isn’t until you get a coat of primer onto it that you can really tell whether you have got a smooth surface or not.  The radiator panels were added back from the New Ware photo-etch to represent the Block 2 version of the CM.  The CM will get a coat of aluminium spray paint now and the radiators will be hand painted in with some white paint.

So now seems an appropriate time to start masking up the rest of the stack to get a coat of black paint to form the roll pattern.  I have made a start on the first and second stage, and the interstage, masking it up with Tamiya tape.  And watch the Revell instructions as they are wrong.  The include a continuous black band around the bottom of S1 which doesn’t seem to be present in the real thing.  The main parts of the stack will be masked with something a little cheaper (possibly some cling film or paper).  Only a week to go until the deadline for the magazine article and as you can see there is still a heck of a lot to get finished.  Some late evenings coming up I think!


And finally for this update a picture of the real thing:

Apollo 11
Apollo 11

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