1:96 Saturn V-Part 8

Well, still plugging away trying to get this done.  Unfortunately a change in the publication schedule of the magazine which I am writing an article for based on this build means that I have had to revise my immediate plans to hit that, which has taken 2 full weeks out of my build time.  So some things will be a bit different in that article to how they are in this blog and in my final display.  So it will be stack for the magazine and some of the engine details will not be completed.  I will get back to them for the deadline for the SFM:ukTo the Moon” Build.


So big target for this weekend was to work on the third stage (S-IV) and get that complete, which I think I have managed.

There are (for such a small piece) quite a number of resin parts to add to this.  And a number of the stringers need to be cut short to accomodate them.  Got a couple wrong (placing them on the top of the stringers) and when I went back to check they needed to be cut into them.  This is the sort of silly errors you make when you try and work too quickly and don’t check beforehand.  At least it was that way round and I didn’t have to try and repair the error.


As I managed to get S-IV completed a bit quicker than planned I did manage to get on with the Saturn Lunar Module Adapter (SLA) which is the bit that house the LEM (Lunar Exploration Module). The Revell parts have one section which is clear, so you can see the folded up LEM inside the stack.  Obviously that’s a bit naff and I wasn’t going to follow that.  So the clear section was glued in, trying to get it as flush to the surface as possible, and then a little bit of putty added around the edges to blend it a bit better.  A coat of primer revealed that I hadn’t got it quite right first time, and a little smear of Mr Dissolved Putty was added to fully blend it in.  The bottom part of this section (the straight bit) is actually the instrument unit.  In the final display this will be cut off and displayed separately but to complete the magazine article it is being left in place for the moment.

Now nearly ready to start tackling the Service and Command Modules.  Then at least the full stack will be completed.

One slight annoyance is that the can of Renault Polar White I bought for the final white colour has a very distinct blue tinge to it, which means it’s no good for this build.  Very annoying, as now I’ll have to try and find a pure white one.

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