1:96 Saturn V-Part 6

Some great progress over the Easter holidays.

The first stage is nearing completion and I thought that this would be a good point to finalise the arrangement for the stand.  Right from the start I wanted to display this as individual components, as it is at the Kennedy Space Center.  And I really wanted something that could be used as both a table display and also wall mounted.  As I don’t know exactly where it is to end up at the moment.  My solution is a tube mounted inside the stage and clear acrylic rods.  If I decide to wall mount it then I could possibly glue the rods into place or even use a little blutak to secure them.  Actually they are quite tight so I don’t think anything additional is needed.  Here’s what it looks like:

Internal Stands
Internal Stands

The tubes are held securely in place with some Magic Sculpt.  The final version wont be leaning like this one is.  This was just in a scrap of wood so I could ensure I got the angles inside the stage correct.


Pretty much the only remaining aspect of the build for the first stage are the F1 engines.  The inside of these have some hollow areas (where the parts for the turbos go around the outside) and clearly the originals are enclosed.  So a bit of filling is required.

Here is one which is done and one which has those hollows.

The hollow was filled with some Magic Sculpt.  A spray with primer revealed some bits that need some sanding and extra filling, but not bad for a first attempt.

And so with the first stage nearing some level of completion, and with the Magic Sculpt drying, I decided to move onto the second stage.

Stringer Removal
Stringer Removal

The most annoying aspect which I hit first was that the stringers on the bottom of the stage are too long on the original Revell parts.  This meant grinding off the excess stringers.

The tape was a good guide and actually, although very messy, it didn’t take too long to get them all removed and the surface sanded flat.


The next part after that was to install the insulation which goes above the stringers.  I did this with a loop of sheet styrene cut to the correct height and then further pieces were cut, following the plans in the New Ware instructions.  Helpfully these are shown in 1:192 scale, so everything can be doubled to get the 1:96.  There are five sections of insulation which project up the stage.

A coat of grey primer revealed the points where the joins showed, and a coat of Mr Dissolved Putty was added to these and sanded down.  The final result was pretty reasonable and actually didn’t take as long as I had feared.  One of the most time consuming parts was ensuring that all the edges had a 45 degree bevel on them.

Oh, and before anyone comments, I do realise that the United States is upside down.  I glued the collar together without comparing to the first stage and which way round I had done that.  When I actually looked I had done them the other way round.  No big deal as it will all be painted over and new decals added anyway.

Resin Parts
Resin Parts
And so I was then in a position to get some of the resin parts onto the stage.  There are quite a few of these around the bottom of the stage and after cutting them off their casting stubs they were superglued into place.

Working out the positions of them is probably the most time consuming thing.  In fact that is pretty much a good description of the whole build.  A lot of time is spent deciphering the instructions, working out which way round to put things together and trying to interpret the frankly appalling Revell instructions.

The only times I have actually made errors is when I have assumed I knew what I was doing and didn’t check everything ten times.

That’s pretty much it for this update.  There has been some work on the bottom of the stage, which is very busy, and more on that to come.

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