1:96 Saturn V-Part 5

Well not much of an actual nuts and bolts update but I did get a little time over this weekend and decided that I just had to see how big this things was going to be.  As I am nearly finished with the first stage I was starting to put the wraps together for the second stage anyway and just carried on with the third lot of wraps.  There will be a little more on that bit when I properly get to it because there is a little cheat I worked out.

I also wanted to see this as a full stack as when it is constructed the joining parts on the interstages will be removed to make them a bit more accurate and that means I wont be able to stack it again.  So I needed to see it at least once like this.

Anyway, not quite the full height as the command and service modules and the launch escape tower are missing and F1 engines not fitted.  But this was as high as I could go anyway without hitting the ceiling.


Let’s just say it is big and leave it at that…..

And yes I do realise that the United States on the second stage is upside down.  More about why later.


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