1:96 Saturn V-Part 3

Very slow progress at the moment and not much to show.  The first part of the resin pieces has gone in though.  These fit around the bottom of the first stage and annoyingly have to have a hole cut out for them as they need to sit flush with the surface.  Unfortunately the plastic is very thick and doing this is quite difficult and getting them straight without making a very big hole is tricky.  Not sure the one shown is totally straight but you would have to be really close to notice if it was crooked.  So only 2 of them are in at the moment.

Resin Inserts
Resin Inserts

You can also see that I have been around the base and marked everything up as to where it should (more or less) go.

The 2 photo-etched parts are currently just blu-taked on.  I need to check my references pictures to see if they should go on above the stringers or whether these need to be removed and them mounted flush to the surface.  I’m sure it is the latter but best to double check first.

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